The KCA Mental Health Services Directory has been established to help you find telephone contact numbers where you can discuss your mental health concerns. We are an independent service listing contact details for relevant NHS organisations, private medical practitioners and charities where you can confidentially arrange appointments and get support for any mental health issues.

For instance, our directory also features the contact number for CALM, whether you would like freephone support for your own mental health issue or to seek guidance following the loss of a loved one to suicide.

The Department of Health is a featured government body on the KCA Mental Health Services Directory, you can phone their UK contact number to enquire about recent changes in government legislation and to find your nearest support centre.

Our database features the contact number for Mental Health Matters, where you can receive confidential telephone support regarding both your own mental health concerns or the wellbeing of a loved one.

Our database has the contact telephone number for Mind, the UK charity that provides confidential support and advice regarding a number of mental health issues.

You can also call the Priory Hospital in Cheadle Royal using the telephone number for enquiries relating to inpatient services and mental health treatment.

When using our directory you can find all the contact details for Rethink Mental Illness who provide information on government legislation and local support groups.

KCA also has the telephone number for the Samaritans, where callers can receive free 24-hour and confidential support regarding emotional support or to express concern regarding someone they believe to be suicidal.

SANE is a charity that provides confidential emotional assistance for anyone affected by mental illness, available when calling the contact number of their dedicated support helpline.

You may also wish to contact SR2 Create Space by calling their general enquiries number to ask about their schedule of mental wellbeing workshops and art courses over the phone.

Alternatively, you may prefer to use Thinkaction, the online CBT service and should call their UK contact number for enquiries about your self-referral form or initial telephone assessment.

The Together UK contact number is also useful for anyone wishing to query the charity’s range of services, including accommodation facilities and legal advice workshops.

You can phone Young Minds on the freephone contact number for their parents advice helpline if you would like support regarding a child or young person whose mental health is causing you concern.