Call the Priory Hospital Cheadle Royal on the following contact number 0161 428 9511 for information about their mental health inpatient treatment, to discuss the referrals process, to arrange a visit or to enquire about job opportunities.


Priory Cheadle Royal – 0161 428 9511

Located within landscaped gardens in Cheshire, Priory Hospital Cheadle Royal provides a relaxing environment to support its comprehensive specialist mental health care. Specially, the hospital provides inpatient services for young people and adults, focusing high quality care and treatment for patients with challenging and complex needs, often relating to mental illness, addictions, personality and eating disorders. You can therefore call Priory Hospital Cheadle Royal on their main contact number 0161 428 9511 to discuss the range of services provided or if doctors have deemed it acceptable for a particular patient to receive calls. Specially, you can get in touch to query the range of mental health facilities, the paths to inpatient recovery or the payment options available to anyone who has been unable to have their care funded by the NHS. Notably, over 85% of the services provided by Priory are publicly funded by the National Health Service. Finally, if you are a health care professional then you can contact Priory Cheadle Royal for information about current job vacancies and subsequent career opportunities.


Referral Helpine – 0800 691 1378

You can also call the freephone Priory referral number 0800 691 1378 for information about their referrals and admissions process. Specifically, The Priory Group has mental health services across the country, and you can use this number for enquiries about the allocation process. You can therefore call this number to report concerns regarding a loved one’s mental health, or to process a formal referral if you are calling from psychiatric hospital, as a private doctor or NHS GP, or through the court.


Hospital Call Costs

The Priory contact number is prefixed with a Greater Manchester area code, meaning that callers will be charged same standard per-minute rate as any other local phone call from a UK mobile or landline. However, the Priory referral helpline runs a freephone number, meaning that phone calls relating to admission will always be free of charge.


Priory Hospitals – Phone Numbers

Priory Hospital Contact UK Telephone Number
Cheadle Royal Hospital 0161 428 9511
Priory Referral Helpline 0800 691 1378
General Enquiries 0808 149 6461


Email the Priory Group

You can also contact the Priory Group via email, whether you have enquiries about their inpatient care, to arrange a guest visit at the Cheadle Royal Hospital or for queries about mental health treatment: